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MBBS Fair – Bogomolets National Medical University, Ukraine

About Bogomolets National Medical University

Bogomolets National Medical University is an ancient organization that was formed 176 years ago with an aim of providing excellence. The name of the institute is outlined after the name of the physiologist Alexander A. Bogomolets. It is considered to be one of the best medical institutes of Ukraine. The university is located in Kiev’s cosmopolitan city. Students largely consider Bogomolets National Medical University as their prior option for medical studies from all over the globe especially Indian students. Students of near about 60 to 70 countries will be involved in the study of medicine in this university. The reputation built up by the institute is good enough to enrol medical students. The popularity of the organization can be easily known when you see that 5 medical graduates from 20 belonged to this medical college. All of them are the pioneer in their own medical fields whether it’s surgeons, medical practitioners as well as researchers. This clarifies one thing that its popularity and name is boosted due to its high–class faculty and academic structure.

Bogomolets National Medical University Admissions

If you ever dreamt of studying medicine in Bogomolets National Medical University but don’t know where to start from. Here is the complete guide to making your work easy to move towards the admission process smoothly. The procedure is quite simple and students need not worry about any entrance examination. Let us first talk about the application procedure. In order to complete the application procedure, you need to have

  • Scan copy of your international passport
  • Scan copy of the application form you filled for admission
  • Scan copy of School leaving certificate
  • Statement of purpose
  • Official Confirmation Letter of Admission from NMU that permits you to study in the university.

This letter will be emailed to you after the university receives the application form along with the required documents.
Note- Official confirmation letter from the university will be sent to you via email when the university will verify your application form and other documents.
When the application procedure is complete, here we go with the admission procedure. You should immediately apply for the invitation letter once confirmation letter is received. A fee of 275 USD needs to be paid for invitation letter with the name of admission coordinator of the university along with 10% of the tuition fee that is 430 USD to the mentioned university account on the confirmation letter. This amount will be considered as security fee deposit. Once application fees and security fees deposit is done take the scan of the payment receipt and send to the university. While sending all the scanned documents and application form, take care of the permanent address to mention for DHL.
After receiving the scan copy of the payment receipt, the university will apply for your invitation letter from the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. Usually, this process acquires 10 to 15 working days. Your admission is assured with this invitation letter and provides you Visa Confirmation Letter along with it from the Ministry.
Now your admission is finalized in the university. You will now need to complete visa process for studying abroad. You have to get in touch with Ukraine embassy for applying for student visa. The procedure for Student Visa Applications runs all through the year. You can apply whenever you want. Exceptionally Ukraine embassy in some countries initiates the procedure of student visa in the mid of July.

Required documents for acquiring a Student Visa are

  • Completely filled Visa Application Form
  • International Passport
  • Original Invitation Letter from University
  • Birth Certificate
  • Original School Certificates
  • Medical Certificate
  • HIV-AIDS Negative Certificate
  • Travelling Health Insurance for one year
  • Bank statement
  • 12 pictures of size 3x4cm
  • Two-way air ticket for one year
  • Sponsorship Letter from the person who is going to take up the responsibility of the expenses of the student

Not all nationalities need to provide this letter. All the above certificates must be translated into Ukrainian language and must be legally approved by Ukraine embassy and Notary Public.
Upon obtaining the visa, you need to provide a scanned copy of the visa via e-mail along with the tentative date when you are arriving. Once you reach Ukraine airport, you need the above-mentioned documents to enter Ukraine.

Bogomolets National Medical University Ranking

Bogomolets National Medical University is the top medical institute for medical students in Ukraine. It is the foremost educational institute for learning higher educational methodology as well as humanitarian activities. The University ranks at the top in almost 65 countries of the world for quality education. The college also leads in the scientific and preventive care center. Bogomolets University got 3 QS Stars from an international ranking system under QS World University Rankings located in London, UK. This ranking is done on the basis of employability, facilities, teaching, research, internationalization, inclusiveness and social responsibility. National Medical University becomes the first university to score high. An approximate total of 10,000 students including undergraduate and postgraduate students are receiving education from this prestigious and ancient university involved in mastership, Ph.D., and other courses. Near about 8,200 students are local students and approximately 900 international students are from different countries. The staffs of University are quite enormous with high experience in the medical field. The number is increased to 1200 well-qualified lecturers that are presently working in 80 departments of the University. Near about 160 professors, 180 doctors of science, 700 Ph.D. candidates, 330 associate professors and much more. The university got 36 state prize laureates of Ukraine, 24 nominal prize laureates and 36 state prize laureates of Ukraine.
Not only this, the university owes 123 hospital units for about 53 university departments in which near about 1,70,000 operations and surgeries are done each year. Having its own 300 dental units where 400,000 patients are treated every year is a plus point for the university to join.

Bogomolets National Medical University Hostel

Bogomolets National Medical University Hostel charges are quite affordable than other countries providing medical study for any international student. The hostel charges given here will provide you an estimate of the expenses to be made during your stay in Ukraine. The expenses for accommodation are near about 65,000 INR to 75,000 INR per year. 60,000 INR is enough for travel and living expenses for a year. The cost of medical insurance is 10,000 INR per year. The cost of medical check up is 6,500 INR per year. You also need to get your residence card there that will cost you approximately 5000 INR.Bogomolets National Medical University Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for MBBS in Bogomolets national medical university in Ukraine for each year is 2, 78,000 INR which can be paid in two instalments. The total of 16, 63,000 INR is required for an individual to study in Ukraine. The course is of 6 years for which you have to pay 2, 78,000 INR for every year. MBBS in Ukraine will overall cost you up to 18, 00,000 INR. If we compare tuition fees as well as all the expenses of MBBS in Ukraine with MBBS in European countries and Asian countries, Ukraine is reasonable among all the countries over the globe.
NMU not only offers all the facilities to its students but also provides a multi cultural environment in the university that allows local students as well as international students stay and study together without any barriers. Being a peaceful country, foreign students’ security and safety are taken care. Students can also get the benefit of student exchange programs held here. Students who are graduated from NMU are currently working as licensed medical professionals in their countries and serving people at their best. If you want to join Bogomolets, you can get started with the admission process as given above and get in touch with us. You can get a 24X7 pickup service from the airport by contacting with the coordinator of the administration department.
NMU also provides access to an online library to its students. The library is completely equipped with medical books, textbooks, journals, and references for research students and books on all topics you want related to medicine.
If you are a medical student and want to pursue MBBS in Ukraine, Bogomolets National Medical University is the best university for medical study in Ukraine.
1st Year Fees 6000 US Dollars 1800 US Dollars/ year 7800 US Dollars RS. 4,68,000 (approx.)
2nd to 6th year Fees 4500 US Dollars/year 1800 US Dollars/ year 6300 US Dollars/ year RS. 3,78,000/ Year (approx.)

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